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Get Your Pack Right, But Don’t Ignore What’s Inside It

A client came to us needing to check the consumer acceptance of a new beverage they had launched.  The new product had achieved great success initially, however, after a few months sales steadily declined.  Their solution had been to change the pack design, but this didn’t produce the desired effect so they engaged our help.


When asked what research had been conducted during the NPD process, the answer was none.  Some rudimentary tastings were conducted around the lab table and that was it.  We suggested that an unbranded/blind taste test of the product range be carried out with their target market to determine if the products were performing at an acceptable ‘market ready’ level.  Not surprisingly, the research revealed that the drinks were less than satisfactory on tasting.  None of the variants met the benchmark for an acceptable product to be launched into the market place.


This was a classic example of a great concept and brand, with a poor product.  The brand and pack generated trial, but the inferior product was the barrier to repeat purchase.


Conducting sensory research with your target market is an essential part of any NPD process.  This can help avoid any negative impact on your brand, and the huge costs associated with a failed product.  Don’t let an under performing product ruin your new idea’s chance of success.