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A Great Innovations/R&D Team are Worth Their Weight in Gold

People who are experienced, passionate about their work, and genuinely care about making a difference usually succeed in their career – regardless of their industry.  In the case of Innovations or Research & Development (R&D) for Fast Moving Consumer Good’s (FMCG’s) these characteristics are invaluable.


Consumer sensory research is usually conducted prior to the launch of a new product.  We therefore get to see the standard produced by many different R&D teams.  Some only ever produce mediocre products that require many changes and usually further sensory research.  Some are inconsistent and either hit or miss the target, while others consistently produce market ready products. It is the latter group that provide cost efficiencies for their company and the best chance of success for their new product.


We can all think of brands that consistently produce good products.  With this, our perceptions of the brands quality and trustworthiness are high.  When these brands launch a new product, we usually are keen to buy it and ‘give it a go’ as it will almost certainly deliver on expectations.


Having a great R&D team with the capability to produce consistently good products is an important asset to every FMCG producer.